American Kennel Club– The governing body for all purebred dog shows, their website updates you on upcoming events and provides invaluable information about any breed.

American Dog Show Judges– The online home for judges, here you can find out about membership and see the different events they put on.

Canine Health Information Center–  A fantastic resource for any owner, here one can find all pertinent health issues with each breed and research on how to keep your pal in the best possible health.

BarkBox- Looking to congratulate your dog on a job well done? We can’t recommend enough the BarkBox, which will send you a package of assorted dog treats and toys, every month!

BringFido– Another innovative site we love, here you can find all of the nearest places to take your dog- from local dog events to dog friendly restaurants!

Vetstreet– Here dog owners can get into contact with vets as well as read up on all of the most current health topics in the canine world.

Best in Show Magazine– This print and online publication covers the world of dog shows better than most, with insightful writing and dazzling pictures.

The Canine Chronicle– This publication will give you all the news you need concerning your four legged friend, with new articles constantly coming you’ll never feel out of the loop.

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