While all dogs deserve clean, healthy food and a good exercising routine, a show dog is almost an entirely different entity. The reason for this is because pure bred canines that are being prepped for judging have to look their best in order to meet expectation. However, the methods in which you choose to care for your potential champion depend entirely on the breed. Smaller dogs don’t need vigorous exercise to stay in shape but bigger, stronger dogs do. You’ll spend more time brushing and trimming thick coated dogs than you would a short hair. Some breeds need special foods, shampoos and grooming styles in order to play the part. Poodles and French Bulldogs are wonderful examples of this. The days surrounding your animal and their prep can take over but with certain tools, you might be able to create more time in your day for other activities. If you know you need to get in an hour of cardio, consider the dog treadmill benefits. These wonderful tools aren’t only for overweight animals, or animals with mobility issues but really, for any breed and any size.


These specially designed machines are different than what you or I would use for running. They’re made specifically for dogs (and even cats) to run or walk on and meet the general need of the animal. Training them to use one might take some time but once they get the idea it’s smooth sailing from there. Treadmills will tone the muscle while burning fat. They help keep joints strong and can be used to perfect form. They’re also great for the aftercare following an injury. They promote flexibility, coordination and will also take care of extra energy for overly excited breeds. Although, I would still include an extra walk around the block. Treadmills are not substitutes for outdoor play.

If you’re working with young dogs and puppies, a treadmill is the perfect tool to purchase. Not only will the dog need to learn how to walk on it, giving you the chance to further bond with them, but it could make for a calmer animal. Not getting the correct amount of exercise for the breed very often results in aggression and disobedience. When the animal is satisfied both mentally and physically, these bad habits tend to go away. Even dogs with horrible separation anxiety have shown improvement once they’ve started receiving the exercise they’ve been craving.

Whether a lovable family pet or an elegant champion, all dogs need the proper diet and training. With most of us having busy lifestyles, it’s difficult to find the time. However, your show dog needs a strict routine in order to continually stay ready for upcoming events.  for your purebred should be number one and once you’ve found the right path for you and dog, you’re sure to skyrocket to the top!